Friday, June 25, 2010

Intimations : 6.26.10

Intimations is a documentation of emotional reactions to events that have occurred in my life. This

body of work is a series of 15 monotype prints that were created one piece a week. Each piece

contains secrets, statements, and utterances, which I only became aware of during the creation

process. The work deals with memory & connecting emotions to a moment. It is self-exploration. It

is the place we are forced to go in order to claim healing and empowerment.

A repeated concept in the works on paper, as well as the 48x48 series is, “gratitude”. With a

thankful heart, I created the 48x48 pieces, in recognition of my father and grandfather. They

feature images of objects and materials that were frequent sights in my childhood. When I re-

connect with these arbitrary items, I remember safety.

My process includes a method called, auto-matic writing, where I subconsciously journal to find the

place my mind is dwelling. Many of these writings have been torn from my sketchbook and are

incorporated. I think generally everyone can relate to subconscious honesty and authenticity. I

hope that one can view the series with sensitivity and awareness of the human condition, and in

that sense, might relate, and have a dialogue with the work. I believe we all have a common story,

and, in part, all things are relative. My hope is that when confronted with the work, one is obliged to

remember their own condition, and in essence, have compassion.