Thursday, October 8, 2009

DNA Longboard Show!

Oct. twenty-third 7-11 pm GO SEE awesome artwork and check out a unique gallery/shop. All works are done on longboard decks, offering a fresh and unique take on "surface"!
Above is an image of my deck design, blueprints are adhered and geometric shapes are cut into the surface to create tid bits of negative space. A graphite drawing of the interior of the Florence Cathedral is highlighted in areas of architectural interest in the transparent red/orange. I wanted it to be transparent so that you can still experience and follow the line-work on the deck, lines that extend and wrap around the pre-existing lines in the blue prints. Also attached are two photographs, playing on industrial vs nature, and the beauty of opposites.

every day you save my life

Every day you save my life: 30x60 mixed media on wood
A present for my husband on his birthday: oil on wood, photographs of my husband and I, and one of our wedding day. Also incorporated, a letter from my husband on our wedding day, a feather from the vineyard where we wed, and image transfers for textural surfaces. We are celebrating our 1st anniversary this weekend!


I was only looking for the good apples: 30x30 mixed media on wood

Kaboom: 30x30 mixed media on wood

For me, beautiful represents a time. A simpler place and time when ignorance means peace, and family means protection and normalcy. I am taken back to a time where normal meant all things familiar and consistent, like the smell of freshly hung sheets on a clothesline, and the taste of fresh tortillas with butter, finding the good apples, and exploring the ally behind our green house.

Beautiful, was a time of ignorance and oblivion… no concern for money, addiction, liability, divorce, or health.

By contrast, KaBoom. A time of angst, panic, and frustration. Both of these pieces are dealing with time and cycles, and the changes that occur, for me, some have come and gone far too early.