Thursday, June 25, 2009

considering conceptual art

I often describe my monotypes as "conceptual". People ask me all the time, what does that mean... it always kind of surprises me. But I realize that conceptual is a vague term, fitting for it's definition. states these synonyms for the term "conceptual": imaginary, notional, theoretic,theoretical, visionary

Here's my take, I'll start with the process: I write all the time in my sketchbook/journal, thoughts, nonsense, word excersises, my sketchbook is like a log book of things in my head. And from there I find the place my mind is drifting, the images and colors, phrases, and textures that take me to a place I've once been in the back of my mind: could be a feeling, a memory or a dream. How does one portray these feelings, things intangible, and tangled up thoughts... in this process they begin to take a form. That's it, that's my inspiration. I play with textures and layers in the prints, love mixed media. I like to attach personal photographs, torn sketches from my sketchbook, stuff like that. Things that invite the viewer to that place also. Ultimately, the idea and meaning of the piece is then more important than the actual image with-in the piece. Here are some of my monotype prints.

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