Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dates To Remember...

36x36 mixed media on canvas

Finished a new painting called, "dates to remember":
Still inspired by the drive East on 66, the colors and textures are very much the same as "east-bound", a painting I finished just days before beginning this one. So, I think I was still in this earth-tone/dirt/grass/wind/ kind of mode... But during the time I was working on this piece, I was feeling a little sad about the kind of life changes that take place naturally over time, and the effects of loss, divorce, marriage, birth, etc. - and the way these things take a toll and can make our lives better and worse. The way a baby can make our lives mean something, the way the loss of our loved one can leave us responsibility like we've never known... and divorce makes everything complicated and destructs an entire family- but my recent marriage gave me reason to have faith in love. So included in this piece, are the dates on which life-changing events occurred in my life.