Thursday, July 30, 2009

poor bird

36'' x 36'' mixed media on wood: acrylic, pencil, blueprints, paper, found objects

I found this bird nest under a tree in my yard one day after a storm. I was sad because I thought that the babies must have fallen in the storm too, but I did not see any dead baby birds in the yard, and I felt better. Then, I when I picked up the nest, I examined it, and became absolutely engaged in it’s structure. It was really intricate, durable, and was completely intact after falling 20 or so feet in the storm. At that moment my compassion for little dead birds, and sad momma birds turned into wonder and amazement and respect for this tiny cradle.

Somehow a small bird knew how to gather the myriad materials for this structure. Somehow this bird arranged scores of small pieces of twig and grass and weed and bark, weaving them together with such precision that the nest is still sturdy and secure after the storm. Considered in this light, this little bundle of dried vegetation is really a small miracle.

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