Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More on Concrete

This piece, (still in progress), "I bring you red roses because they were your favorite" is 48x48 concrete, acrylic, prisma pencil, graph paper, graphite on board. The above images are sections of the painting in detail. I thinned the concrete out to a thick soupy texture, and painted it on a damp surface.

I've learned a lot in the past few weeks about concrete products, sealants, and bonders. What I've found most effective for my work is, epoxy! I love epoxy. After the painting is complete I coat, or paint epoxy in areas of interest and concern. What I dig the most, is you can draw into the epoxy, subtract it, ad it, build it, it's totally interesting and it's become part of the media.

I included the photo above of the silk rose, because this rose is from my grandpa's grave. I take him red roses every week, because they were his favorite. I replace the sun-faded roses with a new batch, which I stock up on from the "Dollar Tree", and keep in my car. My grandpa ran a concrete construction business, thus my determination and obsession with the material. I know many of us are close to our grandparents, but mine played major parental rolls in my life, and they have a most special place in my heart.

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