Thursday, April 1, 2010

this is not just a bear...

I still sleep with him every night, and have since I was four. Someone special gave him to me. I keep him on my bed, I kiss him before I leave for the day.
I realize keeping this old object might seem a little juvenile, but the truth is, I feel like these things can carry and keep energy. I feel loved and cared for, and protected when I have this bear, and I remember the feeling of my granddad, whom I miss with every fiber of my being. I cherish that bear, like I cherish his memory, and when I feel desperate, I hold my bear tight and close to me.
I was attached to him as a child, my dependence developed immediately upon opening a preset, Christmas 1986.
The print above (16x20 on Fabriano) accommodates an image of my bear, repeated 3 times, (for a better composition and significance of representation), in addition to faded ladders and text, (which was a free write in graphite directly on the paper). I love to practice free-writing exercises when producing artwork, it offers me a distinct direction and awareness to where my heart and thoughts are. The free-writing always surprises me when I read over it, sometimes I offer secrets to myself! This piece describes the roses I take to my grandpa's grave, and an invitation for him to visit me while I'm alseep- I like to think that my dreams of him are occasional visits, I hope they are.

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