Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Conceptual Art?

The essence of abstract expressionism is conceptual art, meaning that while principals and elements of design are considered in the composition, the concept in most cases is far more important than the aesthetic qualities of the piece. Concept driven work can be loaded with emotive content.

My recent series of works on paper are documentations of emotional reactions to events that have occurred over the past few months. It's an archive of self-exploration.

?Why should anyone find this significant? Because, as people, as a unit, as a society, we can ALL relate.

There is a narrative that I'm offering. If the viewer will take a few moments to become aquatinted with the work, I hope they will find a genuine human connection with the piece. We have common conditions, emotions, and reactions. There is an opportunity to understand, relate, and take comfort.


Definition: person's experiences


attainment, behavior, circumstances, conduct, development, enjoyment, enlightenment, growth, hand one is dealt, happiness, human condition, journey, knowledge, lifestyle, participation, personality, realization, suffering, trials and tribulations, vicissitudes, way of life, world

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